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Centrop opts for sustainable energy

Mayor of Zaanstad opens solar energy installation, largest in Zaanstreek.

The construction of the largest solar energy installation in the Zaan region was recently completed on its own site on Symon Spiersweg in Zaandam van Centrop. The installation consists of almost 9,000 solar panels, installed on the sheds, with a surface area of ​​17,656 m². The installation can generate clean electricity for approximately 800 households, reducing CO2 emissions by 1.6 million kilos per year.

On March 7, the mayor of Zaanstad performed the opening by activating a screen in the hall of the head office on which all the performance of the installation since then can be seen. Centrop sees the project as a nice addition to the company's exemplary role in corporate social responsibility. For example, Centrop actively encourages the use of wood products from sustainably managed forests and we are FSC® and PEFC™ certified.

It is estimated that only 60% of the solar energy is used itself, the rest is returned to the grid, but other destinations are also being considered, including a Zaans collective, which can provide a significant number of Zaan households with electricity.