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Centrop Houtimport is a stockkeeping importer of spruce and douglas. The timber is imported from Scandinava, the Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe. We import rough and planed timber in all qualities, fresh or dried.

We deliver every quantity, multiple truckloads, one pack or one board, call us to hear about the options. We have close contacts with the planing mill ‘De Twee Gebroeders’ for a several options in woodworking, and can also arrange drying, modification or painting of the wood.

We deliver all through the Netherlands on every weekday, so orders from stock can be delivered within 48 hours. Besides the standard assortment, we offer the option of delivery straight from the sawmill for more possibilities.

Centrop supplies local and national timber traders, traders in building materials and a several companies in the timber processing industry. We feel responsible for the environment, and therefore only import FSC® or PEFC™ certified timber.

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