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Plan Nederland

Centrop community involvement

Centrop Houtimport attaches great importance to making a contribution to society. In our business, this is reflected in all the wood that is sold with an environmental label. But the colleagues at Centrop also sponsor 2 children through Plan International. With this we try to contribute to the development of children growing up in poverty. Plan International contributes to better living conditions and at the same time increases the future opportunities for these children.

Charana Simkhada was born in Nepal in 2011 and lives in the Karnali community. Partly with the help of the Plan International Foundation, Charana's house has been fitted with a roof made of tiles and slate.

Neuza Sila Cuamba was born in Mozambique in 2013 and lives in the Inhambane community. It has been made possible for Neuza to attend a primary school less than 30 minutes away. Her favorite subject is math.

With the contribution from Centrop, the community there is also supported through various projects. One of these projects offers young people the opportunity to carry out vocational training.