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Environment & Certification

Centrop Houtimport is one of the biggest softwood importers in The Netherlands. Via our suppliers in Scandinavia,East- and Central Europe, we deliver timber to regional traders, building material stores, and timber processing industry. 

Trading as much timber as we do, we try to impact the environment as positively as possible, therefore we buy and sell only certified products.

We set up a Green Policy Programme containing the following 10 points:

Centrop Houtimport:

  • Condemns illegal logging and supports measures taken against illegal logging;
  • Is a member of the Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen VVNH (Royal Association of Dutch Timberenterprises) and supports the code of conduct which stipulates that members of VVNH only buy and sell wood that meets (nationally and internationally) applicable laws and regulations;
  • Has a strict due diligence-system on the procurement of timber products and will not do business with companies that do not meet the requirements of this system;
  • Commits itself to the goals of the action plan “Bewust met Hout” (Conscious with Wood), which states that in 2020 at least 100% of the softwood, 65% of the hardwood and 90% of the plywood should be purchased sustainably;
  • Trades and stimulates the use of woodproducts from forest that are managed responsibly and are certified by for instance Forest Stewarship Council (FSC®), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) or accompanied by other, widely accepted certificates;
  • Is FSC- and PEFC-certified. The organisations behind these labels, as well as all environmental organisations supporting these labels, accept Centrop Houtimport as a partner in their Chain of Custody from responsibly managed forest to end user;
  • Is permanently looking for alternatives for the use of tropical hardwoods;
  • Guarantees environmentally friendly processing and distribution of wood and non-wood products. The waste flows in the enterprise are separated according to the cradle to cradle principle as much as possible and the paint spray installation, trucks and internal transportation equipment meet the most recent environmental requirements;
  • Is a winner of the Lean & Green Award and therefore commits itself to a CO2 reduction of at least 20% in five years;
  • Is a reliable partner with an eye for quality, price and environment.


Centrop buys and sells FSC or PEFC certified products as much as possible. This means that our products are labelled with a globally accepted mark. This mark guarantees sustainable production and a product harvested from responsibly managed forests. The products chain of custody is monitored by independent controllers, so we can ensure that it is harvested from responsibly managed forests.


The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organisation that stimulates responsible forest management and the use of sustainably produced timber. Their goal is to protect the forests against destruction. FSC® is independent, widely supported and globally operating. They set up standards for forest management and for keeping track of the chain of custody. Products produced according to the standard are labelled with their mark, ensuring the consumer that their timber originates from sustainably managed forests.

Centrop is FSC certified under FSC-certificate number SGSCH-COC-030103 en SGSCH-CW-030103.

FSC certificate

For more information about FSC®, visit their website


Programma for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a worldwide organasition supporting sustainable forest management. PEFC provides a voluntary, independent forest- and timber certification system. This ensures the end user that their timber is harvested from sustainably managed forests. PEFC primary intention was to represent and defend the interests of small forest owners and finds its origin in Europe. That explains why it is mainly found in (North and Eastern) Europe.

Centrop is PEFC certified under PEFC-certificate number SGSCH-PEFC-COC-030072.

PEFC certificate

Self declaration PEFC

For more information about PEFC visit their website


Stichting Marketing Houten Verpakkingen, or Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Program implements the wood marking program in the Netherlands in compliance with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures for regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade (ISPM 15). SMHV is an independent foundation which has been founded in 2003 at the request of the Dutch government.

In the global standard ISPM 15, safety measures are established to make sure that living insects and other pest scan not spread around the world via wooden packaging material. ISPM 15 describes the treatment that is required to kill possibly present and harmful organisms. Wood used for packaging has to be treated and marked before transporting it internationally. Users of ISPM 15 labelled packaging are guaranteed of trouble free worldwide transport. 

Centrop is ISPM 15 registered in the database of SMHV under registration number 105.

For more information about SMHV and ISPM 15 visit their website


CE-marking originates from a European directive: the Construction Products Directive. The CE-marking can be described as a mandatory passport for building products. All products that are applied permanently in a construction are required to have a CE-marking.