Planing mill

To meet the demands of our customers optimally, we have close contact with our sister company De Twee Gebroeders. This is a modern woodworking department offering many options for wood working. Their machinery includes recent planing lines, but they also have options for other types of wood working. For impregnating, coloring and drying, they cooperate with different companies.

De Twee Gebroeders offers a wide range of standard models, but besides that there are many options upon request. From small to large orders, everything in a perfect quality!

Click here for the website of De Twee Gebroeders (Dutch)


Planing mill


Centrop Houtimport
Symon Spiersweg 19
1506 RZ

T: (075) - 681 99 99

Maandag t/m vrijdag van 08:00 tot 17:00 uur